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I've been raising dairy goats for over 25 years, starting with some grade does I was
babysitting for my vet. He moved away and never came back for his goats.
The rest is history...

I breed Purebred French Alpines, American Saanens and Purebred Saanens in a
small community just northwest of Nashville, TN. It's a small farm....milkers have about
four acres of pasture, drys have three, and bucks have one acre. The goats that live here
must be good-natured, milk well and show well. Attitude and temperament are very
important. I test annually for CAE (all does negative - 2013, have never had a case of CL,
and TN is a  brucellosis and tuberculosis "free" state. Kids are dam raised and receive lots of

I am an ADGA judge and don't get to attend many shows each year because of my
judging schedule, but the girls acquit themselves well when we do attend shows. I've
attended the ADGA National Show continuously since 2000, and have bred and shown
two Reserve Jr. Champion Alpines and owned two Reserve Jr. Champion Saanens that I was
fortunate enough to buy when they were kids. The mature does have placed well with
several 1st place class winners along with several 1st place udders and udder placings.

I am probably the world's worst at getting photos. When available, photos are
included with the doe information. If no photo is available, I have tried to add pictures
of dam's or other relatives. Sorry! I live alone, so it's a bit hard to get photos

Thank you for stopping by to visit. If you have any questions, please feel free
to email or phone.

Lady-K Farm
Karen Smith
1239 Walter Head Rd.
Cedar Hill, TN  37032
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